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Cancer sucks! A poem by Emma Major, a tribute to Bex Lewis

Bloody hell Cancer sucks

And Covid sucks

In fact, right now

It all sucks

And I don't give a flying f***

About my language

But you know what didn't suck tonight?


Tonight Twitter came alive in love

In memory of an amazing woman

A friend, a guide, an inspiration

As we all declared #BeMoreBex

Because she didn't lose any fight

She won the adventure of life

And I for one am bloody glad

I got to enjoy some of that adventure with her



Wherever we found ourselves

Living honestly with humour and tears

Sharing our fears

Knowing there were many days that suck

But we don't have to deal with any of them alone

Until we meet again

My friend x

Emma Major, pastor and activist for the disabled church online community

2 Kommentare

Helen Smith
Helen Smith
19. Feb. 2021

Lovely, gritty words, I agree entirely - thank you

Gefällt mir

Toyin Omitoogun
Toyin Omitoogun
19. Feb. 2021

Rest in Peace.

Gefällt mir
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