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Speaker Spotlight: Claire Durrant

Claire Durrant is experienced Social Media Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in a range of industries; including small businesses, entrepreneurs, charities and religious institutions. She is formerly Head of Social Media for Holy Trinity Brompton and is skilled in social media marketing, content creation and creative strategy.

Why are you passionate about digital?

For me digital media allows us to communicate our message and get almost immediate feedback, whereas with traditional forms of media where you may have to wait a number of months for any indication of its performance. With digital, we can reach new audiences at the touch of a button, create relationships and tell stories in a way that's relevant. It's a space in which we can experiment, try out new ideas and learn quickly.

What can people expect from your session?

Facebook is a fantastic platform to communicate with your audience, but it can also be frustrating. With continuous platform updates, it can seem that our posts are just not hitting the mark. This session aims to help you understand how Facebook thinks, decode its confusing algorithm and give you practical tips to help you get more out of Facebook.

What most excites you about #PremDAC19?

The digital space is always evolving, which means the game is always changing. I'm looking forward to hearing how others are adapting to this ever-changing space and to be inspired by how we can use this space to communicate our message.



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