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let's reimagine church, together

This is a critical time for the church. To be accessible and relevant in the ‘new normal’ churches must learn to seamlessly bridge both physical meetings and online participation.


It is vital that we make a success of this new ‘hybrid’ approach to church life.


For 14 years, the Premier Digital Awards and Conference has been leading the way in equipping the Christian community for online ministry. This year, make sure you don’t miss out, and gain:

  • New ideas that you can use in your church, charity or project.

  • Understand how to make online and offline hybrid church work in your context.

  • Learn new skills that will help you grow.

  • Explore the theology of digital and wrestle with the big questions.

  • Meet new people, build relationships and learn from one another.


Join us online for over 30 amazing talks, from wherever you are​ in the world!

Our First 'Pay What You Want' Online Conference in 14 years

We believe it is vital all churches have a credible online expression. For this year only, we have 2 tickets types:​

PREMIUM TICKETS, which will include access to all of the videos and presentations after the event at £19.50

'Pay what you want' option, giving you access to the live online event on 14th November

That’s right, you pick how much you want to pay to attend… and if you can’t afford anything at all, you are still welcome.


Make sure you reserve your spot now!

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Maria Rodrigues 

Presenter & Producer, Premier 

Doors Wide Open: Has the move to digital made church more accessible?

Calvin Samuel

Minister, Methodist Church

A new awakening?
Research on faith during the pandemic

Pete Philips

Head of Digital Theology, Premier

Hybrid Church: The new normal

Steve Fogg

Senior Pastor, City on a Hill Church


Breakout Session 1



Ramona Samuel

Minister, Methodist Church

How do we preach to those in the building and those online at the same time? What needs to change and what stays the same?


Running a dispersed team

Chris Lissaman

Interactive Workshops

How do we effectively run teams and projects when some people are in different parts of the country or world? When some are volunteers and some are staff?



Matthew Batten

Director of Communications and Outreach, Diocese of Llandaff, Church in Wales

How does a church effectively use Facebook to reach out beyond its congregation into the community?


Understanding the Digital World

Mark Williamson

Leadership Trainer, OneRockInternational

Joanna Williamson

Leadership Trainer, OneRockInternational

New to digital? Learn how the digital world fits together and why churches must take it seriously.


Machine Learning and AI

Daniel Whitenack

Data Scientist, Christian Vision

Vishal Polikottil

Country Manager, India, Christian Vision

How can we make the most of machine learning and AI in the way we do hybrid church or is it a technical no-go area?



Albert Bogle

Church Leader, Sanctuary First, Scotland

Laura Digan

Minister, Church of Scotland

Can you build a true fellowship when some only experience church through digital? How do we ensure we are one church?


Writing for the web

Marcus Jones

Director of Digital and News, Premier

Pick up some key pointers on how to write well for a digital audience.


Children & Young People

Chris Curtis

Chief Executive, Youthscape

How do you make church feel like 'home' for children and young people through digital?


Hybridity and Church Planting

Steve Fogg

Senior Pastor, City on a Hill Church

A conversation about the mission impact of Hybrid expressions of contemporary church – what’s your experience of bringing online and physical church into one congregation and what are your key insights.


Coffee Break


Breakout Session 2


Sung Worship

Does our perspective on worship need to change? What makes for an effective worship experience in an on-line/off-line setting?



Redina Kolaneci

CEO, Christian Fundraising Consultancy

Churches must learn to raise funds from their digital activities. Discovery the essential building blocks of digital fundraising.


WhatsApp and messaging

WhatsApp has become the bedrock of many church's internal communications, but how do you get the most out of it?


Website Essentials

Matthew Batten

Director of Communications and Outreach, Diocese of Llandaff, Church in Wales

What are the most important things to consider when creating a new website? How do you get it right first time?


Resources for Hybrid Church

Nathan Spicer

Resources Lead, Christian Vision

What resources are out there to help us engage with online and offline sections of our congregation. What tech do we need, are there good ways to hack stuff together to move the Church forward?


Pastoral Care

How can digital enable a deeper level of pastoral care in the church? What tools and approaches really work?



Podcast listening is booming. What opportunities are there for the church and how do you get started?


Including older people in hybrid church

Carl Knightly

CEO, Faith in Later Life

Does digital exclude older people? How do we maximise their participation in church life and what are the limitations?


Hybridity and Worship

Esther Prior

Vicar, Church of England

Tony Miles

Minister, Methodist Church

A conversation about the role of worship within the life of Hybrid expressions of contemporary church – what’s your experience of bringing online and physical church together in worship and what are your key insights.


Lunch Break


Afternoon Session

Being one church

Bryony Taylor  //  Bex Lewis

Vicar, Church of England // Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Making the case for faith online

John Dyer

Associate Dean, Dallas Seminary


Nona Jones

Head of Global Faith Communities, Facebook, Author and Pastor


Breakout Session 3



Alex Cacouris

Vicar, Church of England

Emily Lissaman

Worship Pastor, St Paul's Dorking

 Steve Henwood

Youth and Children's Pastor, St Paul's Dorking

Church is not meant to be a 'broadcast', how do we ensure we make the digital experience of church as interactive as possible.


Building an Engaged Church

David Adabale

Head of Digital, New Wine, Woolwich

How does the hybrid church engage with its members and the wider community?



Chris Lee

Vicar, Church of England

The Vicar of Instagram? Hear from Rev Chris Lee about his story to gain 175k followers on Instagram, why he thinks people follow him and why churches should be engaging on this platform  


Social media

Cassandra Nelson

Presenter & Producer, Premier Gospel

If you are new to social media, discover top tips to reaching out through social and whato to look out for.


Digital Evangelism and Facebook

Morag Paton

Community Manager, Aus/NZ, Christian Vision

Amber Zheng

 Marketing Manager, Canada, Christian Vision

How do we use the latest tech to develop evngelism oppo


Small groups

Micha Jazz

Director of Resources, CWR

Digital is well placed to deepen the experience of community found in small groups and make them an integral part of church life. Find out how in this session.



Dan Rackham

Foundry Director, Speaklife

Learn how you can make quality videos with limited budget. What kit do you need and what techniques work?


Accessibility, Inclusion, Belonging: Disability, Chronic Illness and Church

Katie Tupling

Vicar, Church of England

Time to explore some of the barriers to Church and worshipping communities, experienced by people with chronic conditions and/or disabilities, and some of the ways we can work together to remove the barriers.  Looking at the challenges of both Online Church (finding its home of social media) and Offline Church (finding its home in buildings)


Hybridity and Mission

Bryony Taylor

Vicar, Church of England

What are the possibilities for mission/engagement in a hybrid model of church


Coffee Break


Breakout Session 4



Michael Spence

Minister, Methodist Church Ireland

Hear some insights on how to make technology work for you on Sundays, plus get a chance to ask your questions.


Digital Tools

Hear from a range of churches on which digital tools and platforms are working for them to enhance church life.



Joseph the Dreamer

TikTok has seen tremendous growth of late, especially among younger people. Find out what this platform is all about and how you can engage.


Digital Surgery

Charlotte Neale

Digital Content Assistant, Premier

Get your questions answered in a free 1-2-1 session with an expert.


Transforming to Hybrid Church Step by Step

Stuart Cranney

Director, Aus/Asia Pacific, Christian Vision

How do we transform into a digital organisation smoothly especially at local level???



Fiona Fidgin

Online Learning, Methodist Church

How to engage with prayer online, How to do corporate prayer online, How to pray effectively online



Email remains a key part of church communications. Learn some key tips for getting your emails read and responded to.


Everyone is Welcome

Laura Neale

Blogger/Manager, YouBelong

How do we include everyone in hybrid church - including young people, the vulnerable, the disabled, the housebound, the poor, the digitally divided?


Hybridity and Social Engagement

Chioma Fanawopo

Team Lead of Youth/Young Adults Ministry, Release International

Hybrid Church needs to take the real world seriously. How does an online/offline organisation engage with wider society and seek to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God?



Host welcome and closing sessions

Brave new world: the future of work

Mal Fletcher

Social furturist & commentator, Project2030

The Great Digital Commission 

Emma Stark

Prophet, Glasgow Prophetic Centre

Conference ends


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