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Free Webinar: Discipleship Online

When: February 3rd: 3pm-5pm.

Where: Zoom

Who: John Drane, Theologian and Digital Church Pioneer

Elaine Lindridge, Pioneer and Digital Evangelism Enabler, Newcastle

Erin Green, Digital Ethics

Pete Phillips, Head of Digital Theology at Premier

One of the core themes for the Church emerging from COVID will be how to disciple the newly formed Hybrid or Digital Expressions of Church. How do we encourage people to move from being passive viewers of live-streams and zoom to be disciples of Jesus transforming the world.

Our speakers will explore:

  • the statistics suggesting the work to be done/the mission field open to us

  • the importance of discipleship for the Hybrid Church

  • the opportunities offered to us by digital engagement

  • the opportunity to create nation-changing, Gospel-led disciples for the new church

Come and join us, for free. See

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