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Here's your first steps to an MA

We've been holding some taster sessions for our MA in Digital Theology at Spurgeon's. We're keen to add some more students to our intake and I'd like to invite you to consider whether you could join this excellent course in September 2021.

If you want to see some of the heights of Digital Theology - see Pete's Facebook posts exploring a three day academic conference we recently held looking at how Digital challenges the ways we do theology in the contemporary world: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. (Pete Phillips, Premier's Head of Digital Theology is the Director for the Centre for Digital Theology)

Who are you?

  • Well you might be a techie dragged in to help your church do online church during the pandemic or to set up Churchsuite or send out emails to the faithful.

  • Or you might be a tech professional working day (and night) on tech and wondering how your faith might be connected into this work.

  • Or you might be a working mum (and mums work so hard whether they are employed or not, eh?) watching your kids grown up with phones and computers all around them and wondering how you might raise ethical warriors rather than digital zombies?

  • Or you might be a vicar/minister/pastor exploring how to connect people up with God through Bible studies, worship, devotion, charismatic healing ministry online.

  • Or you might be a member of the a congregation (aged 21 to 91) wanting to think through how digital is changing everything around us and wanting to get a theological handle on all this...

First steps to an MA

  • Step 1: Have you got a degree? Any degree in any subject?

  • Step 2: Have you got experience in digital media OR theology OR bible study OR religious studies? Share you experience with us and let's see...

  • Step 3: We can explore you being admitted to our PG Certificate in Digital Theology - a one year part-time programme taught either onsite at Spurgeon's College or online.

  • You pay for the modules you take

  • If you pass the assessment, which we offer support for you to complete, we can then talk about enrolling you on a PG Diploma or the MA in Digital Theology

  • Bang - you have your MA!!!

Why would I?

  • Our students consistently tell us how important studying digital theology has been to developing their own ministry. Thinking about how the digital world is changing everything, helps us to understand the difference between live-streaming and zoom church. Or to explore the difference between online spiritual communion and online communion where we do drink the wine and eat the bread. Or to think through how God engages with us online through his Holy Spirit despite each of us being in different locations. Indeed, how to do we reconcile the command not to stop meeting together in Hebrews - and does meeting together on Zoom or on the phone or on YouTube count? And, finally, what is all this technology doing to us?

Join the Course: Email Spurgeons or Go to Admissions

Join the Zoom Taster Session: Tuesday 3rd August, 7.30pm


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