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How digital enhances mission

Premier's Head of Digital Theology, Pete Phillips, recently talked to the NorthEast Mission Hub of the Methodist Church on the impact of the Church going online during the pandemic.

In the following video, Pete shares some of the stats around online church and then some of the learning points for the future of digital. Pete's section is in the first 30 minutes and then Leslie Newton, Chair of Yorkshire NE District, shares his concept of a new Kairos Circuit.

Key themes:

  • God has blessed the transition to digital church

  • God has been doing digital church for quite a while, alongside the disabled, the chronically-ill and those unable to do physical church for whatever reason

  • God in invested in the future of the Church

  • Hybrid models of Church - both onsite and online - are likely to be normal from here on

  • We need to sort out how we do online communion even in the more traditional denominations

Hope you enjoy the video and send us a comment about how you are going to be doing church in 2022!


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