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Speaker Spotlight: Ben Jones

Why are you passionate about digital?

I believe the usage of digital and immersive technology can become the modern day version of detached youth work. Youth leaders and the Church are recognising the platform many young people occupy the most is digital. We have seen the effectiveness of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in retaining the attention span of Generation Z. This has seen them gain a fresh perspective on who they are in God and how God is wanting to mobilise them to live missional shaped lives.

Name a hero of yours and why?

I can’t name just one, but in my mind, the heroes of this world are those people who across history have taken risks and pioneered new thinking and developments and haven't limited themselves by the fear of failure. The people whose efforts have shifted the landscape and peoples’ perspective of their chosen passion.

What can people expect from your session?

The secular world is using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to communicate their message and products and I will share how the Church can use immersive technology to explore the importance of faith, mission and evangelism with Generation Z. You will hear the story of Vlad (a young person from Leeds) who now understands that his skills in digital innovation can be used to share and teach the gospel.

What most excites you about # PremDAC18 (other than your own session!)?

The conference continues to speak prophetically and addresses the biggest questions around innovation which is inspiring to see and a joy to be part of as this resonates strongly with my interests.


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