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Speaker Spotlight: Darren Parker

Darren Parker is the Online Pastor for Everyday Church Online. An online church launched in 2015 that now welcomes over 12,000 people from around the world to its services each week.

Why are you passionate about digital?

With digital as the main form of communication and potentially 4.5 billion people just a click away from connecting with you, we can communicate faster, more cost-effectively and to more people than ever before. The digital world is constantly changing, developing and creating new opportunities for us to impact our world with the Gospel.

Name a hero of yours and why.

There are so many heroes out there it would be hard to name just one. As technology makes the world smaller, heroes are connecting quicker to form new clusters of heroes, so my online Avengers would be the guys that pioneered and are constantly developing Online Church like Bobby Gruenewald, Alan George, Jay Kranda to name a few.

What can people expect from your session?

When you start thinking of why people cannot enter a church building – location, illness, shift work, etc … – you realise the need for churches online. We will unpack what the Bible says, what is a church online, how do I start one, what equipment and resources do I need, and sharing what we have learnt from our successes and mistakes.

What most excites you about #PremDAC19?

Every year I attend I am blown away by the increasing calibre and relevance of the information shared. Dealing with the latest trends and developments while addressing a diverse range of aspects of the digital world and the church. What I take away fuels a passion and commitment and always challenges me to be more innovative.


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