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Speaker Spotlight: Emma Sijuwade

Why are you passionate about digital?

I guess I’m so passionate about digital because I was able to live through the time where it wasn’t really a ‘thing’ and when I compare life than to how it is now, I can see the incredible difference digital has made in all areas of human existence! I just can’t imagine life now without it!

Name a hero of yours and why.

I wouldn’t really say I have any heroes, but I am definitely inspired by female entrepreneurs and women who are able to achieve their goals and aspirations, as in this day and age we do have a lot of odds stacked up against us!

What can people expect from your session?

Going back to basics! Times have unfortunately changed and it’s imperative that you know the basic digital practices in order for you to survive in this ever-changing world. So I’ll be stripping things back and letting you know my very best tips on how to stay above water in this digital ocean!

What most excites you about #PremDAC19 (other than your session)?

I’m excited to meet and hear from other likeminded individuals and also be of assistant to those who need help navigating the digital and social media world.


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