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Speaker Spotlight: Lahna Pottle

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Why are you passionate about digital?

Digital networking and social media has opened up opportunities for those formerly without the platform to speak, to be heard. Through digital platforms we can see more of what is going on around the world, connect with people near and far, join and feel part of movements, and see more of God in the breadth and diversity of humanity.

Name a hero of yours and why?

My heroes are my youth worker friends who I see day in and day out, supporting young people, sitting alongside them in their struggle and pain, giving themselves to see young people thrive, and sharing Jesus with them incarnationally. The youth workers who don’t care for status but just want to see young people living a life in all its fullness.

What can people expect from your session?

Typically social media either gets branded as totally evil, or we’re blind to the problems it causes. This session will take a more nuanced look at the dark-side of social media and technology; addressing the current issues young people are facing, hearing stories and statistics, and thinking practically about some responses to this.

What most excites you about # PremDAC18 (other than your own session!)?

Ours is becoming, more and more, a digital world. What excites me is seeing people engaging with that. Seeing people coming together to learn more, think creatively, and tackle this issues to support our young people and to be a light in this world; offline and online.


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