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Speaker Spotlight: Lee Carmichael

Why are you passionate about digital?

We cannot hide from our digital culture. We cannot deny the benefits of our digital culture. Equally, we cannot deny the risks of our digital culture. To paraphrase the words of John Piper commenting on Jesus' statement; We are not of this digital world, but we are sent into it.

Name a hero of yours and why?

Dr. Neil Hudson. Former lecturer, colleague and friend. He is someone who inspires me to connect our faith meaningfully with our society both personally and corporately through the church. He is both a pastor and works for LICC whose mission really speaks to me in my church role.

What can people expect from your session?

In our brief time I will explore what it means for young people to be online, how churches can safely embrace that culture to benefit their mission with young people and how they can respond to concerns when they arise.

What most excites you about #PremDAC19?

I think the majority of churches are still in their infancy when it comes to using digital platforms to their greatest potential without losing their heart and soul. I'm looking forward to learning ways we can integrate this resource well as we seek to fulfill our mission.


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