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Speaker Spotlight: Nick Myers

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Nick is the Principal Consultant and owner at Loveable, a strategic marketing consultancy that transforms the fortunes of brands of all shapes and sizes. Nick is a bit of a ‘swiss-army knife’ marketer, with deep expertise in Customer Engagement and Performance Marketing. He serves as an Assistant Pastor at The Well (Camberwell). He is married to his best friend, Debbie and they have two kids Abi & Zac.

Why are you passionate about digital?

I wouldn’t say I am. However, I am fascinated by it. Next year there will be more devices connected to the internet than people. Automation means my kids may not know what it is to drive a car. And, AI is getting smarter than all of us. Don’t you find that fascinating?

Name a hero of yours and why.

Hero? That’s not very 2019. I have a heroine, but she’d hate me to call her out publicly.

What can people expect from your session?

Expect to see my cobra.

What most excites you about #PremDAC19?

Knowing that I won’t hear the word ‘Brexit’ for a full 8 hours (hopefully).


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