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Speaker Spotlight: Nicky Shepard

Why are you passionate about digital?

Digital media opens all sorts of doors for organisations and levels the playing field, giving opportunities to get to audiences in a easier and more affordable way. Also, the opportunities for digital mission are amazing – we have so many more ways to get God’s word to people, right when and where they need it.

Name a hero of yours and why?

Michelle Obama – she didn’t choose the limelight, but when thrust into it she stepped up with grace, integrity and humility, and then used her position of power for the greater good. If we all strive to do similar, the world would be a much better place.

What can people expect from your session?

We’ll be looking at ways to create a buzz about your project, I’ll have real world examples and some tips and tricks, as well as looking at how an integrated campaign can help make a major difference to your metrics.

What most excites you about # PremDAC18 (other than your own session!)?

Networking! I love connecting with people and it is always fun to chat to other people that are passionate about digital media – and doing God’s work in the world.


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