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Speaker Spotlight: Rachel Jordan

Tell us an interesting fact about you

I have served in the red light district of Amsterdam helping prostitutes and street people.

Why are you passionate about digital?

It can communicate in new ways to new people.

Name a hero of yours and why?

Catherine Booth, she was a radical of her age who worked through the culture to reach people, both adopting some of the cultural ways of doing things, think brass bands, to help communicate the message of the love of God in Jesus, whilst radically standing up and challenging culture, with temperance and a uniform. She and William Booth worked as an incredible team in mission and evangelism.

What can people expect from your session?

To dream, think and plan how to fulfill the call to “take the good news of Jesus” to the ends of the digital world.

What most excites you about # PremDAC18 (other than your own session!)?

The amazing gathering of people with a heart for the digital and a heart for Jesus all in one place, spurring one another on, dreaming dreams, helping, encouraging and believing that God will use us in the digital sphere.


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