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SpringHarvest Home 13th-17th June - free to all!

Ian Macdowell, Head of Operations at Spring Harvest, has released the programme for Spring Harvest Home which runs from Monday to Friday next week over on the Spring Harvest YouTube Channel:


The Spring Harvest site tells us that "Big Start", morning Bible teaching, live worship, specialist seminars and workshops and some light-hearted sofa viewing will be available right through the day.

Highlights include Archbishop John Sentamu speaking on Friday 17th April. Sam Blake, Pete Greig, Bishop Jill Blake, Malcolm Duncan, Amy Orr-Ewing, Gavin Calver, Joe Fisher, comedy with Paul Kerensa and late night meditation. What could be better to soothe the soul during lockdown.

The whole Programme is here.

Thank you so much to the whole Spring Harvest Team!

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