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Thinking through Digital Church - we've got you!

So, during the Pandemic you had to do some online stuff. You probably noted that not everyone was keen. You probably also noted that some new folks popped their heads around the door and some even came and sat on the new sofa at the back of the church? You may have started a Bible Study or Prayer Time. Discipleship was the big winner in the pandemic with Alpha and 24/7 Prayer offering lots of online training opportunities. Local churches were big winners - lots of people offered Daily Prayer Online or Night Prayer and lots of people joined them online. Some managed to offer forms of online communion and connected with new groups of people.

You may have noted that when lockdown ended, quite a few of the seats in your building-based church are still empty. the Lockdown changed the habits of the churchgoing population. Some people found others things to do. Some people realised that online church fitted their busy lifestyles. Some people found online church less stressful. Some found online church helped them engage more frequently, more deeply. Some simply found online was a great way to make new friends.

Look at Coffee Shop Church - a Facebook/Zoom Church which grew from 50 members to over 750 with 86% congregational engagement figure! That's huge. Here's a clip from Trevor Gay's conversation with Pete Phillips on our Equipped for Digital Ministry Course, also run by Spurgeons:

If you're thinking through how Digital Church works or looking at how the Church can engage more with digital culture, then come and do our MA in Digital Theology at Spurgeons College. If you don't have a degree but you do have experience in Christian education or ministry, you can start with PGCertificate and gradually work up to the MA. If you have a degree already, apply for the MA either part-time over 4 years or full-time over 2 years. It's a fantastic way to think through doing church in a digital space/place and chat with your colleagues on the course about how to tweak things, or refocus ministry online.

Here's Andrea Onduku, one of our former students, talking about the course:

Let's do this together...let's create an digital church for a digital world.

Your Action Points:

1. More on the MA:

2. Find out more at one of our Taster Sessions in June:

3. If you want to, have an email conversation with one of the core staff:

4. Click here to APPLY NOW

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Onions Vivian
Onions Vivian
Jan 07, 2023

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