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Why Easter could be a WIN WIN for the local online church

On Tuesday, Pete Phillips, Premier's Head of Digital Theology spoke at a webinar for the St Padarn's Institute of the Church in Wales. He was asked to speak about why hybrid church remains a crucial missional opportunity for the local church and then to look at some resources for Easter.

Key points in the webinar talk included:

  • We're in the groove - we've all learnt so much about digital engagement this year

  • We know people are engaging more with online church

  • We've spent time with people online

  • Younger generations are keen to engage

  • The Church has been active in society helping people get through the pandemic

  • 34% of non-Christians now appreciate the work of the local church

So how do we re-imagine Easter for an online congregation?

We need to reimagine Easter for an online experience:

  • An online march of witness on Palm Sunday? Google Maps or filmed solo walk

  • Stripping the Altar - do we ask people to strip the living room?

  • Maundy Thursday - foot-washing replaced with hand sanitizers?

  • Maundy Thursday - seder meals on zoom?

  • Good Friday Service/Tenebrae Service - in black and white?

  • Easter Sunday - decorating living room, floral crosses, stained glass windows?

  • Garden Gate Easter eggs and colouring

  • Messy Church Bags to takeaway or deliver?

Core question: How do we re-invent Easter celebrations for a digital age? How do we transfer the core themes and values from physical church to online church?

Three highlighted resources

1. Busted Halo Stations of the Cross. Station 1:

2. BibleGateway's Holy Week Timeline:

3. Lego Easter Story:

Here's the video of the full talk with Pete Phillips:

Here's the list of potential resources shared with those who attended the webinar.

General Resources


Stations of the Cross:

Tenebrae Services

What resources are you using - please add them to the comments below

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Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin
Feb 26, 2021

Thank you for this. A little note. Your German resource "Gottesdienst Zeitglich Seminar" needs a "www" or it will not work. It needs to be:

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