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You're Invited: Taster Sessions on Digital Theology

by Pete Phillips, Premier's Head of Digital Theology

This is a word map of the response given by our current group of students to their first few months of the MA in Digital Theology Course. It's fantastic, isn't it? We've been blessed by the students who are on the course this year. We'd like to encourage you to think about being a student with us at Spurgeon's College for the new academic year in September 2021. Spurgeon's and Premier are supporting this fantastic opportunity for us to equip the church for God's new adventure post-pandemic.

Digital Theology is about helping us to see the importance of digital for the new mission opportunities opening up for the church. Up to 80% of churches want to maintain a digital presence into the future. But what's the rationale, the knowledge, the theology behind doing online church longterm. This course is the first in the world helping is grasp hold of our digital thinking, our digital exploration, our theology of online experience.

Wherever you are in the world, we're committed to make it possible for you to learn with us.

You can study the course as a residential full-time student in London, or as a part-time student coming in for the study blocks and seminars, as a full or part-time online student zooming your way through the training. You can do the course over one or two years full-time or up to four years part-time spreading the cost over your study period.

On 22 June (Tuesday evening 7.30pm) and on 26 June (Saturday morning 11-12), Jonas and myself, along with some of our existing/past students will be holding taster sessions:

  • 15 min sample lecture from Pete on Lessons from Lockdown

    • followed by questions and answers session

  • 5 min for Jonas to outline the course, how you could be part of it

  • 5 min for former/current students to share their experiences

  • 5 min for Spurgeon's Admissions (Linda!) to share how to get on with the application.

  • 5 mins - other opportunities...MediaLit September 2021

    • followed by questions and answers on all the above.

Come and join us. Click on the link below to register for either session:

Tuesday, June 22nd:

Sunday, June 26th:

Are there people you think should see this invite? Then please share this page with them!

Or if you want to sign up straight away: ADMISSIONS PAGE


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