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3rd NOVEMBER 2019  //  LONDON


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Premier Digital

Join us on the 3rd November 2018 for the 9th Premier Digital Conference and discover a world of advice, ideas, insight and guidance to help you communicate credibly and effectively online.

Through 32 sessions delivered by over 40 contributors you are sure to find the help you need for your digital endeavours. Make sure you don’t miss out on:

  • New ideas that you can use in your church, charity or project.

  • Understand how digital tools can work for you in your context.

  • Learn new skills that will help you grow your project or ministry.

  • Explore how digital is impacting our theology and humanity.

  • Meet new people, build relationships and learn from one another.


Whether you’re looking to go deeper into social media, websites, evangelism, digital theology, fundraising or communications there will be sessions for you. Check out the full programme!

Pro or beginner come along as a church, team or on your own for an inspiring day that provides content and value for money you can’t find anywhere else.

Organised by:


Conference - Single Ticket: £39
Conference - 2 Ticket Offer: £73 

Conference & Awards: £109


3rd November 2018, 10am to 5:20pm


The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London 

What people say...

Excellent. Filling a need for beginners as well as the more experienced to learn and improve. Makes technology less scary and provides contacts and information we can build on.

Very exciting and forward-thinking.  Amazing buzzy atmosphere. Great to see Christians united around something positively.

An excellent day for church leaders and online creators to come and find out how digital could enhance the impact of what they do.

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Welcome and Introduction

Sheridan Voysey, Writer, Speaker and Broadcaster

Opening Address

Archbishop Angaelos

Archbishop of London, Coptic Orthodox Church

Sharing Faith in a Digital World

Rachel Jordan-Wolf
National Mission and Evangelism Adviser, Church of England

Are non-Christians really open to hearing about faith online? How should we approach online evangelism and what works?


Breakout Session 1

Digital Evangelism

How do we do evangelism online and in what ways does this provide for faithful incarnational and missional encounters?

Fiona Fidgin and Ali Johnson

Understanding the Digital World

What are the components of the digital world we live in and what do you need to know to get started?

Sean Skinner,
Youth Pastor & Worship Leader

Best Practise for Church Websites

What are the essential ingredients for a website that serves the church whilst attracting seekers?

Will Roberts, WebBox 

What are young people doing online?

Find out what you should know about how young people are using digital.

Luke Whyte,

Founder (The Youth Workshop)

Creating a Buzz

In a digital world full of competing voices, how do you create a buzz around your project?

Nicky Shepard
PR & Marketing Consultant

Building Community on Facebook and Instagram

Learn how to connect with people using Facebook and Instagram, from IG Stories to Groups and more.

Niran Vinod
Creative Product Strategist,

Panel: How can the church use voice assistants?

Google home, Alexa and Siri all promise to revolutionise our lives. Will they really  and can the church make use of them?

Chair: James Poulter,
Amaris Cole, James Doc,

Sam Peckham


Coffee Break


Breakout Session 2

Fortnite Stole My Kids! 

What’s happening with gaming among our kids and among our adults. How do we engage gaming, family and spirituality?

Pete Phillips and Ben Jones

Creating your first website

If you need a website but are not sure where to start this session will provide useful guidance and advice.

James Doc,

Digital Ministry Developer

Digital Church and Inclusivity

How can digital include groups often marginalised from church life?

Katie Tupling and David Lucas

Dealing with the Dark Side of Digital

Digital is accused of harming mental health and enabling pornography addiction. What is the truth and what do we do about it?

Lahna Pottle,

16-19s specialist with SchoolsworkUK

Writing for the Web

What are the secrets to writing compelling copy for blogs and websites.

Sam Hailes,
Editor, Premier Christianity

Gaining more views on Youtube

With millions of videos on YouTube, how do you get your content noticed?

Dan Rackham,
Christian YouTuber

Networking Session

If you want to do some offline social networking then this session gives you the chance to connect with other delegates.

Facilitated by:

Vicky Walker, Author




Afternoon Session

The robots are coming

Nigel Cameron,
President, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies

What does the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence  mean for us as individual Christians, and for the Church as a whole.

What is blockchain, why should we care? 

Paul Johnston,
Start-up Strategist

Blockchain, the concept behind bitcoin, is being cited as the solution to many digital problems. But what is it and should we care?

Augmented Reality

James Poulter,
Head of Emerging Platforms & Partnerships at LEGO Group 

As AR finds its way into more applications we ask, has its time come and is it any use for the church? 


Breakout Session 3

Panel: Robotics, AI and the future

Robots with a soul? All human work abolished? Is this the future we should be preparing for. Join the discussion.

Chair: Pete Phillips
Nigel Cameron,
Erin Green,
Karen O’Donnell


Amplifying your Church’s Message

Your church has a message to share and digital can enable it to travel further. Find out how.

Amaris Cole,
Digital Communications and Content Manager

Essentials of Digital Evangelism

Sharing faith online can be scary. Explore how to do it in a natural, relevant and engaging way.

Laura Treneer,
Chief Executive of CPO (Christian Publishing & Outreach)

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality to reach young people

Discover how using AR and VR the church can engage a generation of young people and share the gospel effectively.

Ben Jones, Missional Generation 

Raising Funds Online

Discover some simple steps that you can follow to raise more funds online.

Jennifer Abohosh,

Chief Digital Strategist 

How to make the most of Messenger and WhatsApp

Instant messaging services have usurped both email and text as the most popular means of digital communication. How can churches and organisations make use of them?

Kevin Bennett, Chief Operating Officer

Panel:Women, the web and the fight against misogyny

The digital space has the potential to empower women and help us effect change but can also leave us subjected to increasing levels of misogyny and abuse. Join this discussion on the impact of digital on women.

Chair: Natalie Collins
Vicky Walker,

Nicky Shepard, Hannah Mudge, Tobi Oredein


Coffee Break


Breakout Session 4

Reimagining sacramental worship

Explore some of the new possibilities of using technology to support existing forms of sacramental worship and look at how this might be expressed in a digitally-enhanced multimedia setting.

Fr Simon Rundell,
Parish Priest 

Introduction to Digital Marketing

There are many opportunities to spread your message on digital platforms. Find out how to get started.

Bex Lewis,
Author & Senior Lecturer

Using Digital to Build Community

Discover how digital can both depend and extend the community of your Church.

Ella Connolly,



Ask our panel of youth work experts anything about digital youth work and how young people behave online. 

Chair: Ruth Jackson


Luke Whyte,

Lahna Pottle,

Ben Jones

Using Email to Engage

Email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage an audience. Find out how to create email that gets a response.

Hannah Mudge,
Digital Communications Officer

Creating a strategy for Snapchat and Instagram

Snapchat and Instagram have risen in importance in recent years. Discover how to establish a credible and effective presence on these platforms.

Emma Sijuwade, Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Surgery

Get your digital questions answered in a one-to-one session with one of our digital surgeons.


Sharing God's Kingdom

Kevin Bennett,
Chief Operating Officer, Premier

Why should Christians see their primary mission online as being to build God's Kingdom and what does that really mean?

Dare to Share

Ruth Jackson,
Editor of Premier Youth & Children's Work magazine

Sharing faith online can be scary, why and how should we make ourselves vulnerable by sharing online?


Conference ends

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