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Lent Resources

Shrove Tuesday. Ash Wednesday. TemptationJesus in The Synagogue. Good Friday. He is Risen. 

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THREE FREE leNT COURSES. Bonus Free Webinar on Repentance 

Course 1: Lent for Beginners
Course 2: An Accessible Journey Through Lent
Course 3: Lent 2021 #TheTimeIsRight

Each course runs over 8 weeks from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Sunday, with a weekly 15 minute video for personal or group use, PLUS printable materials for further reflection. Just complete the form below and get your free resources.

New Resources are added every week! After registering, you will receive weekly email reminders with the resources.

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Available free Lent Courses

A. Lent for Beginners: Hugo Anson,

  • Looking for a non traditional Lent experience? This is your stream.

  • Fun facts, meaningful things to do and Bible bits to use as mirrors. (James 1:22-25)

  • A different spin on spiritual dieting. A big “Yes” to giving up something for Lent, but also ideas for things to take up for Lent.

  • Less: Gothic buildings. More: taking a good look at how you are doing spiritually and getting things sorted, ready for Easter and the rest of LIFE!

  • For those who know very little about Shrove Tuesday but love to flip a pancake.

B. An Accessible Journey Through Lent: Mark Arnold, Additional Needs Ministry Director at Urban Saints, along with members of the Additional Needs Alliance.

A video series journeying with Jesus through the period of Lent. Travelling together we will stop from time to time to explore key moments and understand what they are saying to us. This series will be accessible for everyone, including people of all ages with additional needs


As we journey through the sessions together, we will learn about each of the stories, build up a picture of Jesus through them, but also understand how each of the stores/sessions help us to understand more about ourselves and our response to Jesus.

C. Lent 2021 #TheTimeIsRight: Simon Rundell and Fiona Fidgin

This course explores the meaning of the word Kairos, as Simon and Fiona go through the different chapters in Bible where Kairos was mentioned, and relate it to Lent.

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