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Digital Church Webinar 5: 

Managing Teams Remotely

Wednesday, June 17th, 3.30pm

The pandemic has distributed teams back into their homes. To some extent, homeworking had already been increasing but now teams can only connect via phone or the ever present Zoom/Teams/Skype model. In this seminar, Interactive Workshops will share some of their insights on managing teams online that they are normally offering to global corporations. We’ll hear from a local vicar holding together a 400+ church and a multi-member ministry team, while finding the church growing during lockdown. Manage your team for revival!


Hosts: Pete Phillips and Kevin Bennett

CTS Chelmsford.jpg

Calvin Samuel

Methodist Minister, Colchester

The Revd Dr Calvin T Samuel is a theologian and Methodist Minister for the Essex towns of Rochford and Rayleigh. His previous roles include Principal of London School of Theology, Academic Dean of St John’s College in the University of Durham, Director of Wesley Study Centre Durham, and New Testament Tutor at Spurgeon's College. He is the author of More Distinct: Reclaiming Holiness for the World Today (2018) and Preparing for Marriage (2018).  He is actively engaged in broadcasting on BBC Radio 4 and Premier Radio, and developed and hosted Season 1 of Real World Theology, which was broadcast globally via TBN UK in 2019.  Since the UK entered lockdown he has been active on his YouTube channel: and can be found on twitter at


Esther Prior

Vicar of St John’s Egham

Esther is the Vicar of St John’s Church in Egham and is Vice-Chair of CPAS Patronage Trustees. She is married to Matt and they have a son and daughter. Esther came to England from Zimbabwe for Theological Education in 1999. After two Curacies, Esther has served as a School Chaplain, a Young Offenders Prison Chaplain and a Team Vicar in Farnborough. Esther is passionate about the local church being a loving and growing community where God’s people are empowered and released to follow Jesus from Monday to Sunday: proclaiming and demonstrating the good news of Christ. She loves cooking, reading, writing, Body Combat, travel and time with family.


Jonna Sercome, Interactive Workshops

 Philosopher, logician, psychologist, and founder of Interactive Workshops, Jonna has worked on every habitable continent in the world, training business and leadership skills in a wide variety of organisations and contexts. A pioneer in his field, he and his team at Interactive Workshops have created, from scratch, a best-in-class agency in the Learning & Development space.


Chris Lissaman, Interactive Workshops

Sharp, agile and creative, Chris brings an eye for design and more than five year’s experience honing the communications of Christian organisations and churches. One of Interactive Workshops' talented team of facilitators, he's the go-to guy for big ideas on how to solve problems simply.

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