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🕓   04/11/17  •  LONDON

In an age of fake news what place is there for gospel truth? In the online war of politics and cultures where is the gospel of peace?

As Christians our role is to be salt and light in the digital world, but how? Book your ticket today for the Premier Digital Conference and through 32 unmissable sessions receive:

  • New ideas that you can use in your church, charity or project.

  • Understand how digital tools can work for you in your context.

  • Learn new skills that will help you grow your project or ministry.

  • Explore how digital is impacting our theology and humanity.

  • Meet new people, build relationships and learn from one another.


Whether you’re looking to go deeper into social media, websites, evangelism, digital theology, fundraising or communications there are sessions for you.

Pro or beginner come along as a church, team or on your own for an inspiring day that provides content and value for money you can’t find anywhere else.

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Early Bird: £34 SAVE £5

Plus Awards: £109


4th November 2017, 10am to 5:20pm


The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London 

What people say...

Really useful and inspiring. Superbly organised with diverse topics and spot-on speakers. Already booked for 2017!

Very exciting and forward-thinking.  Amazing buzzy atmosphere. Great to see Christians united around something positively.

Excellent. Filling a need for beginners as well as the more experienced to learn and improve. Makes technology less scary and provides contacts and information we can build on.

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Welcome and Introduction

Rachel Jordan-Woolf, National Mission & Evangelism Adviser

Church of England

Good News vs Fake News

Calvin Samuel, Principal

London School of Theology

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus ‘what is truth?’. Hear Calvin unpack the power of truth in a digital age.

Understanding the Digital World

How did we get to where we are today? How does the digital world fit together and what are the big trends driving change? This is your intro to our digital world.

Kevin Bennett, Premier

Digital Communications for the Local Church

Churches big and small can use digital to deepen fellowship and reach their communities. Find out how.

Genelle Aldread, 
Head of Digital Strategy, Tearfund

New Connections

How will changes in technology and social media change the way we interact with people in the future?

James Poulter, 
Technology Expert & Social Strategist @ LEGO

Reality Truth & Fake News

Unpack some of the assumptions at work in our thinking about online.

Karen O’Donnell, CODEC

Digital Detox

The benefits and difficulties of a social media detox with your young people and kids.


Tom Clarke,
Holy Trinity Brompton

Writing so that people want to read

What are the tips and tricks to blogging that draws people into your work.

Katie Stock, Blogger & Theologian

Marketing the Gospel: Can you? Should you

Interactive panel discussion with four senior Christian marketers.

Kelvin Golding, Nick Myers, Katrina Douglas & Bex Lewis


Coffee Break


Breakout Session 2

Building an online community

What turns followers and likes into a real community? Find out here.

Amaris Cole, Digital Content & Communications Manager, Church of England

Online fundraising for small charities

What strategies for online fundraising work for smaller charities and projects?​

Future Trends

Take a glimpse at what the future for humanity and the church could look like.

Pete Phillips, Director of Research, CODEC

How does the online church handle truth?


Tim Hutchings, Sociologist of digital religion, Stockholm University

Left to their own devices

What is the impact of children having their own devices, and how do we manage this?

Bex Lewis, Author & Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing,MMU

How to publish your own e-book

Find out what steps are involved in creating and distributing an e-book.

Glen Scrivener and Dan Rackham

Networking Session

A structured session that will introduce you to be people working in similar areas and those in different fields.

Facilitated by:

Vicky Walker, Author




Afternoon Session

Speaking Truth to Power

Calvin Samuel, Principal

London School of Theology

How is digital transforming the way ordinary people can change the country?

Breaking the Bubble

Katie Harrison, Director of Faith Research Centre

Is it true that we are all trapped in a digital bubble of people that agree with us? If so how do we break out? 

Creating a cost effective website

A quality website needn't cost the earth. Find out how to get a credible online presence on a budget.

Kevin Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, Premier

Social Media Marketing

What opportunities are there with advertising on social media and how do you get started?

Bex Lewis, Author & Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing,
Manchester Metropolitan University

Case Studies: Three ways churches are using digital

Learn from three innovative churches who are using digital well in their context.

Blogging, the truth & authority

In the free-for-all of the blogosphere how is truth established and what role is there for authority?

Katie Stock, Blogger & Theologian

Instant superstar

YouTube and Instagram stars are the new role model for many young people. How do we react to the insta-star phenomenon.


Lahna Pottle, 16-19s Specialist, Youthscape

Making Evangelistic Videos

Find out how to make videos that communicate the gospel effectively to non-believers.

Glen Scrivener and Dan Rackham

Online conflict: Is good disagreement possible?

Interactive panel discussion on whether it's possible to disagree online without unhealthy conflict.


Coffee Break

How (not) to evangelise online

Sharing faith online can feel intimidating. Looking at good (and not so good) examples find out how to approach it in a natural, culturally appropriate and impactful way.

GDPR: New rules that will affect your data

Find out what these new far-reaching data protection regulations will mean for your data.

Getting your idea off the ground

Got a great idea but not sure how to bring it to life? Find out what steps and processes will help you to succeed.

Paul Johnston, Startup Strategist

The Bible and The Truth


The real you online

What role is there for authenticity when young people feel pressurised to present an 'air-brushed' version of themselves online? 


Beth Stout, CEO, Goldigger Trust

Making Evangelistic Videos

Find out how to make videos that communicate the gospel effectively to non-believers.

Glen Scrivener and Dan Rackham

Digital Surgery

Bring your burning questions for a 20-min one-to-one session with a Digital Surgeon. Book at the Premier stand.

Facilitated by Paul Webster


Selling Jesus

Are Christians always 100% honest when we present the Gospel? Are we guilty of sometimes trying to 'sell Jesus'? If so what's the remedy?

Speaking Truth

Glen Scrivener, Evangelist, Author & Minister

Dami O, Poet, Presenter and Prodcuer

Two powerful spoken word reflections on the theme of 'truth' to close the day.



Breakout Session 1

Trump and twitter: can you govern a country in 140 characters?

Danny Webster, Advocacy and media manager

Evangelical Alliance

Is it true that we are all trapped in a digital bubble of people that agree with us? If so how do we break out? 


Breakout Session 3


Breakout Session 4


Conference ends

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