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🕓   02/11/19  •  LONDON

Learn. Grow. MeetExplore. Think. Understand. 


Premier Digital
Conference 2019

Join us on the 2nd November 2019 for the 10th Premier Digital Conference and discover a world of advice, ideas, insight and guidance to help you communicate credibly and effectively online.

Through 32 sessions delivered by over 40 contributors you are sure to find the help you need for your digital endeavours. Make sure you don’t miss out on:

  • New ideas that you can use in your church, charity or project.

  • Understand how digital tools can work for you in your context.

  • Learn new skills that will help you grow your project or ministry.

  • Explore how digital is impacting our theology and humanity.

  • Meet new people, build relationships and learn from one another.


Whether you’re looking to go deeper into social media, websites, evangelism, digital theology, fundraising or communications there are sessions for you.

Pro or beginner come along as a church, team or on your own for an inspiring day that provides content and value for money you can’t find anywhere else.

Organised by:


Early Bird: £34 

Plus Awards: £119


2nd November 2019, 10am to 5:20pm


The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London 

What people say...

Excellent. Filling a need for beginners as well as the more experienced to learn and improve. Makes technology less scary and provides contacts and information we can build on.

Very exciting and forward-thinking.  Amazing buzzy atmosphere. Great to see Christians united around something positively.

Excellent. Filling a need for beginners as well as the more experienced to learn and improve. Makes technology less scary and provides contacts and information we can build on.

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Welcome and Introduction

Host: Amaris Cole

From Social Media to Social Ministry

Nona Jones

Evangelism: Breaking through

Glen Scrivener


Breakout Session 1


Intergenerational Communities Online

Ali Campbell

In a digital world increasingly divided into discrete age groups, how might we discover mutual spaces in our online lives that might reconnect us across the generations?


Rank higher on Google

Steve Pailthorpe

In the midst of an ever changing algorithm, how do you get your church, charity or project to rank higher on google?


Increase email impact

Nick Myers

When inboxes are overloaded how do you achieve cut through for your event, project or ministry?


Keeping young people safe online

Lee Carmichael

The digital space is a place of discovery and adventure for young people, but with that come serious risks. Hear from safeguarding experts 31:8 on how to keep the children and young people you care about safe online.


Understand the Digital World

Emma Sijuwade

If you are just beginning your digital journey and wonder how to fit all the pieces together, this session is the perfect place to start.


Build a community online

Ben Elliott

Discover how Facebook groups can be the basis for a vibrant community for your church, organisation or project along with some do's and dont's for a healthy group.


Communicating Church in a Digital Culture

Peter Murden & Josh Stannard

Unlock the potential in your church to share its message and engage digitally through your stories, vision and values.


Coffee Break


Breakout Session 2


Social Media and Millennials

Jonas Kurlberg

Millennials are the first generation to have grown up with social media. As natives they often have had to learn navigate this emerging online environment without much guidance from adults. This presentation explores how social media is shaping their relationships, identity, values and mental health.


Facebook Ads: Getting a result without spending a fortune

Kevin Bennett

Learn the tips and tricks needed to spend money well on Facebook ads, find your audience and achieve your objectives.


Copywriting: from good to great

Jermaine Dallas

Discover how to add some sizzle to your digital copywriting to engage more people and tell your story.


Gaming and God

Andy Robertson

How should parents and youth workers navigate the difficult issue of violence and sexual content in video games? How do we make wise decisions and use gaming to bring people closer to God?


Reach people on social media

Katrina Douglas

Learn some simple approaches and tips to effectively and reliably reach people via social media.


Dating, digital and doing it right

Vicky Walker

Digital has changed everything, including dating and relationships. How should we navigate this new reality?


Stream your church services

David Adabale

Discover how churches of all sizes can start video streaming their services along with tips to make it a success.


Afternoon Session



Digital Peacemakers

Kiera Phyo

Impacting Culture

Andrew Phillips

Breakout Session 3



Digital Devices and Faithful Living

Pete Phillips

How can we adapt our use of tech to increase our connectivity to God, the Church and the world. We'll look at some good news case studies which offer a technological boost to our walk with God


Voice 101: Getting started with Voice

James Poulter

In this session get to grips with the role Voice platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant can play in your communications and communities.


Create an Online Church

Darren Parker

What is an online church and how can you start one? How does it work if you are extending your local church online, or beginning from scratch?



Tobi Rachel Akingbade

Instagram made the social story famous, now other platforms are copying the concept. Learn how get your message across in this format.


Rebuilding your website

James Doc

Your current website was built 10 years ago and is looking... dated? The person who set it up has left and you're now a bit stuck. This session will take you through rebuilding your website without having to write a line of code, and help you avoid some of the pitfalls...


Make digital fundraising work for you

Redina Kolaneci

Discover the key levers for digital fundraising growth for small and medium sized churches and charities.


Faith in Children's Media?

Stephanie Gauld

Children are now sophisticated media consumers. How is children's media changing and how can we use media to help our kids grow in faith?


Coffee Break


Think like Facebook

Claire Durrant

How does Facebook decide what people should see in their newsfeed? Learn to think like Facebook and see your content go further.


Podcasting Workshop

Andrew Phillips

Get top tips from an international Podcasting specialist, ask your questions and even submit your podcast for feedback.


Under the influence?

Joseph the Dreamer

'Influencers' are the new social media opinion formers young people are looking up to. Who are you following? and who is following you?


One to One Help

Coordinated by Charlotte Neale

Join our digital surgery and get your questions answered by one of our experts in a free 20 minute consultation


Developing your Church Comms Strategy

Ben Elliott

A practical talk asking questions of your churches communications and how to devise a plan that delivers a tangible impact. Drawing on case study examples we'll explore techniques to try in your social media, website, design and print.

Sharing Justice

Why should Christians make a priority of advocating for justice in the digital world?

Conference ends


Breakout Session 4



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